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Frequently Asked Questions

All payments made to MoneyWorld are held at a separate bank account (which only holds customers' funds) before it is being processed to your beneficiary’s account.

You can make payment via QR code PayNow or online bank transfers to our customer account.

Click the link https://forex.moneyworld.com.sg/and register! A handbook Remittance Guide is provided to guide you to the registration process.

We cover almost all the countries worldwide except those that are sanctioned. We send to all G7 countries and most nearby Asian countries including Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

MoneyWorld is registered and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, as a Major Payment Institution in Singapore, under the Payment Services Act to provide cross-border money transfers services.

The fees are fixed depending on the currency to be sent. “SHA” charges are subject to intermediary bank charges, whereas “OUR” charges are inclusive of all intermediary and/or receiving bank charges. Do note that sometimes (very rarely) the receiving bank charges a small fee for incoming funds which are beyond our control.

You can check out the exchange rate here.

There is no minimum amount.

Monday to Friday (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

There is no definite maximum amount, all transactions have to comply with our Compliance due diligence process including but not limited to evaluating your source of funds, and the purpose of transactions.

From as soon as the same day up to 2 working days, subject to cut-off timings, banking holidays, and any bank query regarding compliance check.

Once transaction is authorized, we are unable to cancel the transaction, you’d need to contact the beneficiary for a refund

In the case of incorrect details, the customer will be notified of the failure of transaction due to incorrect information provided, one of our dealers will reach out to you by telephone or email.

Major currencies: USD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, HKD and JPY Other Asian currencies: MYR, CNY, IDR, PHP, INR, BDT, PHP, THB and NTD

Please write to us at admin@moneyworld.com.sg or contact us at our office telephone during office hours.